Perfect Guide How to Treat Pine Trees Turning Brown

The pine tree is one of the most useful plants as a windbreak or privacy barrier. It is not a new thing when pine trees turn brown and it still is the common problem of planting pine trees.

how to treat pine trees turning brown

How to treat pine trees turning brown and save them from dying?

1. What Makes Pine Trees Turning Brown?

What Makes Pine Trees Turning Brown

When you plant pine trees near the roads then the environment near them is the main reason. Road salt like sodium chloride can damage the pine tree. The government usually uses that material to keep the road clean in winter.

There are no specific tips of pine needles turning brown if the salt road is the reason. You only need to avoid it from another road salt sprayer next time.

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2. Dothistroma Needle Blight

Dothistroma Needle Blight

Not only the road salt, but several fungal pathogens can also make pine trees turn brown. In Austria, the fungus Mycosphaerella pini is the main reason behind the disease in pine trees.

The fungus causes a disease called Dothistroma needle blight and it usually comes from March to April. This fungus will affect the older needles so they become brown.

3. Why Should We Treat it Right?

Why Should We Treat it Right?

When the fungus starts affecting our plants, then they will cause early needle dark and stress the tree. If we keep it over years, it can create significant damage and kill the tree.

4. How to Diagnose and Treat the Tree

How to Diagnose and Treat the Tree

To prevent this fungus, you can apply the fungicide in both mid and late spring. Sometimes the prevention is not working so it is important to understand another pine tree disease treatment using early diagnosis.

To identify the fungus, look at the needle in the bottom of a pine tree. If a few needles are turning brown, it is the early symptom of the disease. You should cut off the brown needle using sterile gloves and burn it.

The best way of how to treat pine trees from turning brown is to sanitize the infected parts. The fungus can affect another part of the tree and cause death.

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