Tips and Trick How to Get Rid of Chameleon Plant

The chameleon plant is one of the most invasive weeds in every planting area. Almost every farmer hates this plant because it is not easy to control them.

how to get rid of chameleon plants

Here we give the easiest way of how to get rid of chameleon plants in your garden.

Understanding Chameleon Plants

Chameleon plants are ground covers that have lavender flowers. There are some chameleon plant benefits like it can cover the soil and protect it from erosion.

This plant can grow easily and this is the main problem. In several locations, chameleons grow unconditionally and are hard to control so they become the enemy of farmers.

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Manual Method

The most effective way to control this weed is using the manual method. You only need to cut off the plant that grows up above the soil so they can’t do the photosynthesis process.

This method will not fully remove chameleons from your garden but it can make them under control. Chameleon can grow again from its rhizomes under the soil so you need to cut them regularly.

The manual method will also stop the spreading of chameleon as long as you cut the plants right before they bloom.

If you want to fully remove them, you need to use a garden fork and then take all the rhizomes.

Use Chemical Control

Another way to control chameleon plants is using a chemical control or herbicide. If you use herbicide, then you need to be careful because it can also bring another plant to death.

Will Roundup kill chameleon plants? Yes, unselected herbicides can bring every plant to death including the chameleon. Make sure you use a safety mask and gloves while spraying the herbicides because they can be harmful to humans.


If you choose to remove chameleons using the manual method, you should make sure to store them properly. Never try to compose them because the rhizome can also grow up again once they touch the soil.

Instead of fighting with chameleons, it will be better for you to use plastic mulch to avoid them growing.
These tricks on how to get rid of chameleon plants may work but they will not last forever. You should keep checking on them gradually and make sure they will not invade your garden.

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